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Chris Brown Loses It On GMA, So Maybe Old Wounds Don’t Heal

Chris Brown Loses It On GMA, So Maybe Old Wounds Don’t Heal

Today is Chris Brown‘s big album release day, but no one seems to be interested in talking about that thanks to his freakout backstage at Good Morning America this morning. I hate to break it to you Chris, but you did it to yourself. TMZ reports say that after his on-air interview, Chris really lost it in his dressing room, to the point where the hair and makeup people were forced to call security. That didn’t do any good, because by the time they arrived, the damage had already been done. The dressing room was already destroyed he even went so far as to smash a window. Then, in dramatic Brown fashion, he ripped off his shirt before exiting the GMA building. Clearly those court-ordered anger management classes did not do the trick.

During his interview on this morning’s show, Brown appeared noticeably uncomfortably when Robin Roberts started in with the inevitable Rihanna abuse questions. He tried in vain to steer the conversation back to his new album, titled F.A.M.E., but when most of your so-called “fame” comes from beating up your superstar ex-girlfriend, you have to expect that’s what people are going to ask you about. Well, apparently Chris Brown disagrees, and thinks two years is an ample amount of time for people to get past his mistakes.

As you can see from Robin’s probing in the video below, he was wrong. It’s apparent that Brown does not want to talk about anything Rihanna-related, so do you think Robin pushed too far? Consider the fact that Roberts got her share of ridicule for being “too soft” during her interview with Tiger Woods last week. Is it possible she was trying to make up for that incident? Either way, it’s impossible to expect that people will just forget about such a horrific incident in the span of only two years. Personally, I agree with one NYMag commenter, who put it perfectly when he/she said, “The best way to never be asked about that time you hit a woman is to never hit a woman.” Truth!

Do you think people need to move on an let Chris Brown put the past behind him, or is he doomed to never live it down? Let us know in the comments!

  • Melissa

    The fact that this “man” still has a career shocks and horrifies me; he should have been dropped from his record label and faded into obscurity, rather than continuing to sell ###### pop albums with this awful Sisqo-esque look. Any female that doesn’t change the station when this woman-hater comes on makes me sick. “There is a special place in #### for women who do not help other women.” -Madeleine K. Albright

  • Shanon

    Omg…he made a mistake…we all do….let the focus be on his music and not his mayham….the only difference on his mistakes n ours is that its blasted in the media…my God if it were a picture perfect world, how on earth will anyone learn ..I do not condone what he did to Rihana but she has moved on…when can he….Real Talk: His label did not drop him so for those who do not support him…do just that and move on cuz life does not stop for one man’s mistake!!

  • Cami

    We all have life experiences that we are not proud of….I think it was inappropriate present such a sensitive issue…Chris was there to entertain & sell his new CD not to be taken back to ####……

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