Chris Brown And The Case of The Worst Pick Up Line Ever

Laurel Pinson

Some things just shouldn’t be made a mockery of … Yeah, we’re looking at you Chris Brown. We’re all too familiar with Chris’ fist-throwing antics and it seems to us that he’s under the (mistaken) impression that enough time has passed since the Rihanna controversy. I’m not too sure on the protocol for these kinds of things, but I do know that beating up a woman should never become the subject of a joke.

Recently, Brown used a nifty little pick-up line which we’re sure failed miserably at the Grammy Lounge. As he moon walked up to the 22-year-old lady in question, he slowly whispered in her ear, “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you!”

Yeah, that’s not okay. So Chris Brown here’s a word of advice: that’s not the way to a lady’s heart. Just FYI.


ViaNew York Daily News

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