Chris Brown Announces Comeback Tour


Chris Brown announced yesterday some details about his comeback tour. Yesterday, as in the same day Rihanna released her single, “Russian Roulette.”

Brown’s “Fan Appreciation Tour” is an intimate, small venue tour intended to “acknowledge and thank his fans for their ongoing support.” Ummm…Probably a serious downgrade in the number of supportive fans accounts for his scaled back tour. I feel like the only people who remotely support him are those people who danced down the aisle to his song, “Forever,” in that YouTube video and even that was unintentional support.

Meanwhile, Brown announced that a portion (not all…?) of the tour’s profits will go to two charities: Best Buddies International and the Jenesse Center–a safe haven for victims of domestic violence.

While we mull over this tour announcement, enjoy these pictures of Chris Brown in his music video for his song “I Can Transform Ya.” This is really bizarre…He’s dressed for combat, and Lil’ Wayne is still trying to trick people into believing he can play the guitar.


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