Chocolate News: David Alan Grier’s New Book “Barack Like Me” Releases


David Alan Grier, an acclaimed actor and funnyman, has written an easy-to-read political book discussing the climate of our political and economical stance the only way he knows how: with humor.

On the economic front, he jokes, “Barack Obama is still president right?” regarding how quick the government might be to lay off Obama if the economy sinks any lower. However, he writes that they would give Obama the job of American Ambassador in Afghanistan. “Every pundit from Larry King to Atlantic magazine agrees: black is in. All shades of black,” he said.

On the issue of race, and the ever-growing trend of multiracial families, Grier discusses how “multi-racial is the hot new facial.” He goes on to write about how hot a trend it is to be multiracial in today’s society, and that people tend to be disappointed if one says that they are only black or only Hispanic, wondering what other races have fused together, because one is simply not enough.

You can meet David Alan Grier this Tuesday, October 7, at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca at 7pm. Grier will be signing copies of his new book, Barack Like Me, and possibly doing a bit of stand up for the crowd. Grier will also be starring in an up-coming Broadway play produced by David Mamet, Race, starting in November.

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