Chloë Sevigny Gets Her Own Runway Show This June!

Kerry Pieri

This is going to be the hotness. Chlo Sevigny is getting her own runway presentation, although far from the pomp and circumstance of Fashion Week. Coming this June Chlo Sevigny’s collection for Opening Ceremony won’t be shown to a few special ones at a tea party, but instead to a bunch of editors and influencers vying for the front row at a full on runway presentation.

It’s good news, but as Sevigny told, she’s being all authentic and a little nervous explaining, “Right now I am focused on putting together my first runway show…Ive never done this part before and its a little scary, to be honest. Im still in the early stages, but I have been looking at spaces, looking at models, and selecting the music and all of that. Its pretty cool to be doing this.” The line on the catwalk will be for Resort and a lot of awesome people are going to be there. Just sayin’.

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