Charity Gala Disaster: Woman Swallows One-Carat Diamond

Spencer Cain

A charity event in Florida last weekend took a turn for the worse when the night’s main prize—a one-carat diamond—went missing. Luckily, no one swiped it—instead, someone actually swallowed it.
At the Tampa Women’s Club charity party, guests could buy a flute of champagne for $20 and have the opportunity to win the aforementioned diamond worth $5,000 that was at the bottom of one of the glasses. The rest of the flutes were filled with cubic zirconia stones. According to Page Six, one attendee, 80-year-old Miriam Tucker, downed her glass too quickly, and swallowed it without realizing.
As the panic-stricken jewelers ran around the event with the hope of locating it, Tucker came forward and explained the situation. Ultimately, it ended up working out, and earlier this week she got a colonic to extract the diamond from her system. Well that’s more information than we needed to know, but we’re glad the diamond is accounted for.
What do you think of the bizarre situation?

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