Surprise! Channing Tatum’s a (Super-Hot) Blonde

Channing Tatum

Photo: Wenn

Channing Tatum is a dark-haired heartthrob no more. The Magic Mike actor is in Peru at the moment to promote the Runa Foundation and decided to use the trip as an opportunity to switch up his locks by going blonde. Unless, of course, there’s some serious sun-bleaching going on there, though we doubt it. (Look, even his eyebrows are lighter!)


Tatum posted a photo of his lighter hair to Instagram on Sunday with the caption, “Down in Peru loving life. Just sending love out there to everybody.” Right back at you, Channing. He failed to make any mention of the major hair change, however (cryptic!), but that didn’t stop fans from noticing. “Looks nice with the lighter hair,” one follower commented, while others suggested he return back to his tall, dark, handsome status, ASAP.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen the star bleach his hair—around this time last year he temporarily went blonde for his role in the movie Hail, Caesar!, but he quickly dyed it back after filming. So if you’re not into the new look, don’t worry—it’s probably not permanent. Or, perhaps he’s just following Justin Bieber‘s lead and has his eye on going completely platinum.

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