Your Boyfriend Channing Tatum Just Romanced a Stranger


(Getty Images)

Your boyfriend Channing Tatum just made an unsuspecting fan his valentine.

For an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” women on the street were asked whether they’d like to be Tatum’s valentine (is that a real question?), and one lucky stranger was invited into the studio to be romanced by the “Magic Mike” star and bona fide hottie.

Kimmel set Tatum up on a couch, handed him some Valentine’s Day candy, and instructed the actor to “read them to her; whisper them in her ear in a romantic sort of way.”

Understandably, the woman is speechless, breathless, teary, red, and basically hyperventilating as Tatum whispers sweet nothings in her ear and feeds her candy.

“You’re not diabetic are you?” Kimmel asks as Tatum pops the candy in her mouth. “Who cares,” she answers, losing all chill before Tatum gets off the couch and dances for her. He has all the moves. There are no words. Just watch the video for yourself here.

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