Sorry Luxury Shoppers: Chanel Says E-Commerce Not In The Cards Anytime Soon

Liz Doupnik

fullres15 Sorry Luxury Shoppers: Chanel Says E Commerce Not In The Cards Anytime Soon

Despite the fact that luxury labels such as Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs are flocking to the internet to provide e-commerce options to customers, Chanel—not surprisingly—isn’t joining that club anytime soon. According to Vogue UK, Chanel president Bruno Pavlosky claims it’s important for customers to receive the full Chanel treatment (and soak in the brand’s marketing messaging, no doubt), by visiting a boutique in person to shop the ready-to-wear and handbag collections.

“To be able to wear Chanel clothes, you need to try them on. You need to be in the fitting room. You need to have a tailor who alters the clothes to fit exactly to your body,” Pavlosky said, adding: “I think it’s part of Chanel. It’s more than just our service. It’s part of our differentiation to have ready-to-wear that is perfect for our customers.”

Currently, Chanel does offer beauty and fragrance digitally, but clothing and handbags are only available at boutiques.

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