Check Out These Wild Hat-Umbrella Hybrids Chalayan Walked Down the Runway

Meghan Blalock

Chalayan RS14 0435

In what we consider just one more piece of evidence that Paris Fashion Week is the Fashion Week to beat all other Fashion Weeks (at the risk of sounding repetitive), Chalayan’s Spring 2014 collection included these wistful accessories. Yes, that is a rubber umbrella in the shape of a hat.

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Or maybe it’s an actual hat just elevated on a pole to function as an umbrella. Either way, it’s delightful in a very avant-garde, playful way. Hussein Chalayan is rather known for his child-like, minimalistic take on fashion, which often has a hearty dose of the avant-garde thrown in. (This also explains why he has designed for artists like Björk and Lady Gaga in the past.)

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Check out all the varieties of umbrella hats Chalayan showed today in Paris below!

Chalayan RS14 0475

Chalayan RS14 0611

Chalayan RS14 0822

Chalayan RS14 0864

Chalayan RS14 0899

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