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Kate Middleton Gets Schooled In Gov 101 & How To Be A ‘Lady’

Kate Middleton Gets Schooled In Gov 101 & How To Be A ‘Lady’

September 22nd, 2011
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Truth be told, we were a little confused when we discovered Kate Middleton was receiving lessons on how to be a member of the royal family. Reports made it seem as though she was being taught the structure and workings of the government and how to behave in public. Um, didn’t we all learn that? It’s called college and parenting.

Here’s what we really think is going on in these lessons:

1. Kate is taught how to pop her pinky finger when drinking tea.

2. Kate undergoes conditioning to ensure she never ever exposes her nip or butt crack in public.

3. Kate practices sleeping with her eyes open so she isn’t caught snoozing during one of Queen Elizabeth’s stories about her childhood.

The Telegraph‘s report states that le Duke of Cambridge is insistent that his wife receive help and support during her transition into royal life – which is pretty cute. But since the most pressing decision she’ll be making this fall is which charities to support, we’re thinking she’ll be able to handle it all on her own.

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