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17 Celebrities Who Took Tanning Way Too Far

17 Celebrities Who Took Tanning Way Too Far

17 Celebrities Who Took Tanning Way Too Far
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After the winter we’ve had this year, it’s going to be incredibly hard to stay out of the sun during every waking moment. What won’t be hard? Taking tanning to a level where we end up looking like someone from the cast of Jersey Shore or a Hilton sister circa 2005.

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It seems like being overly tan was the look in the early 2000s. Every popular celebrity at the time from Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie to Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham were sporting orange-tinged skin and no one seemed to bat an eye. Nowadays, if anyone were caught with a tan as saturated as one of these celebs, they’d definitely hear from the public eye.

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We’ve gathered 18 photos of celebrities who made the mistake of taking their tans way too far. Click through the gallery to see what not to do this summer.

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