Celebrity Sex Tapes: The Ultimate Guide to 22 (Alleged) Scandals on Tape

Celebrity Sex Tapes: The Ultimate Guide to 22 (Alleged) Scandals on Tape
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Believe it or not, behind all the glitz and glamour, celebrities are normal people too. The only difference is that when something scandalous happens to a celebrity, it usually winds up getting exposed to the world.

Without a doubt, sex tapes are among the more publicized scandals that celebrities face—especially in a time when digital recording devices are ubiquitous and easy. Lots of celebrities have been hit with a sex tape scandal at some point during their careers—some because of something they intended to shop around, and others because of something that was unintentionally leaked or stolen.

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Sure, some celebrities who have made sex tapes are—sorry to say it—expected (i.e. Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton), but there are other rumored celebrity sex tapes floating around that came to us as a serious surprise (Verne Troyer?! Dustin Diamond?!). In some cases, it’s hard to tell whether the videos were truly released by accident, or if they were “accidentally” released. In today’s entertainment industry, sex sells, and sometimes a sex tape can be a profitable publicity stunt.

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Here’s a comprehensive guide to 22 sex tape scandals involving celebrities—some confirmed, others alleged—from Kim Kardashian to Colin Farrell.

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