We've created a list of celebrities we think could compete in the Olympics.
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10 Celebrities That Would Make Great Olympic Athletes

10 Celebrities That Would Make Great Olympic Athletes

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    Jennifer Lawrence had to put in some serious work to prepare for her role in Hunger Games. As Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer had to master archery, train for the arena scenes and learn to run properly (yes, there is a proper way to run). With all that training it's not hard for us to imagine Jennifer competing in the archery category.

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    No, stripping is not an Olympic sport (although, if it were Channing Tatum would still make the list), but the Magic Mike actor has other talents that you may not be aware of. Before becoming an actor Channing enjoyed playing football, soccer, baseball, running track and practicing martial arts. And, while he could easily compete in track and field or soccer for the Olympics, we'd also put our money on gymnastics. There's an artistic category that would easily allow him to use some of those stripper skills.

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    Recently, while hanging out in Puerto Rico where her boyfriend Justin Timberlake is filming a new flick, Jessica Biel became a certified scuba diver. And, if you're not yet completely jealous of Jessica's cool athletic abilities, let us also point out that in high school she trained to be a gymnast and played soccer. We could Jessica competing as a gymnast or swimmer.

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  • Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Show

    When it comes to athletics, we're definitely team Jacob (although we'd be team Edward if actors who could play Jeff Buckley were a category). Taylor Lautner is pretty much an All-American guy who played football in high school. But, the cherry on top of the cake is that he's been practicing martial arts since he was six (yes, he could kill all of us with one well placed kick). Our category for him, taekwondo or judo.

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    Remember Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie? Well, before showing her boobs to Jason Biggs' character she considered becoming a pro tennis player. Yep, girl was that good. Her Olympic sport, tennis.

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / www.imdb.com
  • 2012 BamaJam Music and Arts Festival - Day 3

    Just one look at Sheryl Crow is enough to tell you that she is fit. Her healthy lifestyle definitely plays a part in it and you can probably trace it all the way back to her high school days, no doubt Sheryl had to be fit to run track. Sheryl competed in high school as an All-State track athlete receiving a medal for the 75-meter low hurdles. Needless to say, Sheryl would compete in track and field.

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    Jason Statham plays a badass in almost every role for a reason. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's bf is trained in mixed martial arts and an expert in kickboxing. Not only that, but he used to be an Olympic diver. So, not only can he kick your butt, but he might be able to do it under water. While we want to put him in the taekwondo or judo categories, we're gonna go with swimming.

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    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking, you jabroni? (Sorry, we've been holding on to that for a while). Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is former wrestler and football player. So, what category would he compete in? Wrestling, of course.

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  • Madonna Performs During Her MDNA Tour At Hyde Park

    Honestly, we have no idea if Madonna is really that athletic. She was a cheerleader in high school and has to be in crazy shape to keep up her energy for those over the top tours. This is purely based on physique and those crazy yoga moves she likes to do in videos and onstage. Our category for Madge, gymnastics.

    Photo: Getty Images / Ian Gavan
  • The Friars Club And Friars Foundation Honors Tom Cruise

    And, Tom Cruise makes another list! This time it's a flattering one. Tom wrestled in high school and played soccer. He decided to try acting after a knee injury (and also to avoid becoming a priest) and now he's the star we all know and love today. Category? Wrestling or soccer, we couldn't just pick one.

    Photo: Getty Images / Larry Busacca

Everyone has a hidden athletic talent. We’ve played soccer and basketball (middle school junior varsity team, not pro!) and we’re sure a few of you have played some sport or pursued some cool activity.

Could you imagine if your favorite celeb competing in the biggest sporting event of the year? Well, some celebrities also have hidden athletic talents. We’ve created a list or celebs we think could compete in the Olympics, were they to give up acting. Categories range from gymnastics to tennis and we’ve considered their past and skills of each celeb carefully (well, maybe not super carefully, let’s be honest, we kind of just went on past experience and looks).

Check out the list and let us know if anyone surprises you or tell us who you think should have made it!


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