Pass The SPF: Leading Ladies Least Likely To Hit The Beach This Summer

Spencer Cain

Last week, we were chatting about the ultimate “beach” celebrities. You know, those ones who just have the ultimate beach look — awesome wavy hair, perpetually tan skin and that overall quality about them that just screams, “I go on vacation to Cabo three times a year!” Case in point: Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler and LeAnn Rimes (who seems to have some rule that she can only be shot by paparazzi when she’s in a bikini).

Anyway, it was only natural that we immediately had to start talking about the ultimate “non-beach” celebrities. Don’t take this the wrong way — these ladies are more than bikini-ready. In fact, these are some of the most gorgeous starlets in the world. But there’s just something about them. We all have those friends who would prefer to lounge in front of an air conditioner reading Proust (or Fifty Shades of Grey) than let the sun’s dangerous rays hit their precious skin.

Since the weekend is here and half of our team are enjoying themselves under the clear blue skies (that are supposed to erupt in thunder at any minute), we have compiled a gallery of the least likely leading ladies you’ll see hitting the beach this summer. Click through and enjoy!

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