How To Celebrate Thanksgivukkah

Leah Bourne

thanksgivingaccah How To Celebrate ThanksgivukkahThis Thanksgiving isn’t quite like other Thanksgivings. Why? This year, it overlaps with the first night of Hanukkah, an event that won’t happen again for another 70,000 odd years. The once in a lifetime holiday has garnered its own name, Thanksgivukkah, recipes, and naturally, and even its own memorabilia. Here, some tips on celebrating Thanksgivukkah with the best of them.
Hanukkah Themed Thanksgiving Food. Peruse the web and you’ll find a plethora of Hanukkah themed Thanksgiving recipes. Consider this year the perfect time to take a break from the status quo Thanksgiving food. Think potato latkes with cranberry applesauce, Maneschewitz-brined roast turkey, and sweet potato noodle kugel when conceptualizing your Thanksgiving menu this year.
Invite a Mix. Chances are you celebrate Thanksgiving with a mix of folks (not necessarily all Jewish) since it is a non-denominational holiday. Use Thanksgivukkah as an opportunity to invite friends and family into your home to experience your Hanukkah traditions for the first time. Just make sure to tell all of your Thanksgiving guests that dinner might be a tad different this year.
Keep the Gift Giving Light. There is only one day of Thanksgiving and eight days of Hanukkah, so keep the gift giving light on Thanksgivukkah and save gifts for the second night of Hanukkah.
Add Don’t Subtract. When thinking about the tabletop decor for your first Thanksgivukkah, add, don’t subtract. Embrace that these two holidays are happening together and combine them on your table using everything from a menorah to autumn themed colors.
Menurkey (Yes, It’s a Thing). What the heck is a menurkey, you are probably wondering right about now. This combination of a turkey and a menorah is the brainchild of New York City-based Anthony Weintraub who even turned it into a Kickstarter campaign (raising over $48,000). We suggest you buy one, like now.
Instead of Watching Football, Dreidel. Instead of watching football as a family this year why not play dreidel? Yes, not all family activities have to involve the TV, and this is the year to prove that.
Happy Gobbletov everyone!
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