Celeb Gossip: Kristen Stewart Takes on Angelina


“I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie. Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive.”

-Kristen Stewart

We can sympathize with Kristen’s statement…to an extent. But seriously, there’s no need to diss Angelina. Kristen should be so lucky.

Secondly, it is entirely possible to be a successful actor and maintain a normal private life, but starring in a $400 million blockbuster franchise geared at teenagers and pre-teens, and engaging in a speculative romance with your hot costar just isn’t the best way to do it.

She goes on to tell that a life of fame is “sad” and “desolate,” but to that we say to stop appearing on the covers of magazines if you don’t want to be famous or desire the by-products of celebrity.

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