Cast of MTV’s ‘Skins’ Gives A Lesson In Lingerie

Cast of MTV’s ‘Skins’ Gives A Lesson In Lingerie
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I have always thought wearing sexy lingerie underneath your normal, everyday clothes is a provocative way to add a little pep to your step. I’ve practiced this theory in moderation think a little, lace bra-strap peeking out from my tank top or a silky slip hanging just barely below my skirt. Even still, I would have to avoid the hall monitors in high school so I didn’t get that foreboding eyebrow raise that always ended in a trip to my locker to get a jacket. After seeing the latest issue in Elle, I feel pretty modest. Adding to their already scandalous record, the cast of MTV’s Skins makes us blush again. Take notes as the rebellious high school clan schools us in the ways of wearing your underpinnings on the outside. It’s a pretty cute and flirty trend for spring, but keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get dress-coded.

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