Carolyn Murphy Stars Topless in Tom Ford Spring Campaign, Plus 10 Sexiest Ads in History


Tom Ford’s new S/S 2010 ad campaign is out for all to see and it’s definitely hot. Carolyn Murphy, who continually proves to be a mainstay model, stars topless alongside actor Nicholas Hoult from Ford’s film A Single Man. The ad showcases luxury like no other and is sure to be liked by all audiences for it’s simplistic focus and innovative take on fashion.

Craving more sexy, out-of-the-box ad campaigns? Take a look at the 10 sexiest ads in history below:

1. American Apparel
An ad that caused controversy, but sexy in spandex nonetheless.

2. Tom Ford
imageA bit more than slightly scandalous, but we think Tom Ford gets sexy right every time.

PETA knows how to make vegetarianism appealing to the masses, with Alicia Silverstone’s naked, and perfectly toned body on display for all to see.

4.Calvin Klein
Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein is always a winner, but a barely-covered Mendes is even hotter.

5. Burger King
A little suggestive, we know, but sexy — absolutely!

6. Yves Saint Laurent

Kate Moss’ take on sexy for Yves Saint Laurent gets better and better every time around.

7. Carls Jr.

The right way to eat a burger…

8. Bulgari
Julianne Moore’s classy take on nakedness never looked more exotic.

9. Emporio Armani
Victoria Beckham is clad in nothing but lingerie and heels in Emporio Armani’s underwear ad campaign leaving little to the imagination…

10. Dolce & Gabbana
imageMost definitely controversial, this ad for Dolce & Gabbana’s S/S 2007 campaign was banned for its explicit content — fortunately, we were still able to locate the image.

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