Cara Delevingne Looks So Chic In This All-White Burberry Suit

Meghan Blalock
cara delevingne burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

It model Cara Delevingne was the guest of honor at Burberry’s “The Art of the Trench” soiree in Shanghai last night, and they also outfitted her in a super-sleek look for the occasion. Far from the British brand’s iconic coat the event has held to celebrate, the look comprised a fitted blazer with a deep-plunging front, which Cara (fittingly) wore with nothing underneath.

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With all of Cara’s recent undertakings—not least of which is her budding musical career—it’s sometimes easy to forget that, first and foremost, she is a model. She reminded us all of that last night, absolutely rocking the look and posing with ease in front of the cameras and crowd gathered to observe.

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Cara herself seemed to love the look, as she posted several photos to her Instagram that would fall under the just-officially defined term “selfie,” commenting, “It’s all about the white suit.” Indeed it is! If she weren’t in China at the time, we might postulate that she was trying to fit it in before the arrival of Labor Day!

cara delevingne burberry 2

cara delevingne burberry 3

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