Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Milan

Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Milan
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With Milan fashion week upon us when you are running in-between Blumarine and Versace this is where to go to get your caffeine fix (or to spot front row fixtures) in the Italian fashion capital. And it won’t be just any caffeine fix—Milan boasts arguably the best coffee in the world. It has even been said that Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz mined the city for ideas during a business trip in 1982, eventually bringing mochas and lattes to the masses.
Coffee drinking culture is a wee bit different in Italy than in the US. For instance, cappuccino is breakfast drink, and shouldn’t be consumed after noon. Order at the bar, and it will cost you much less than ordering at a table. Skim milk is frowned upon, and so is bringing your laptop to a cafe. While it was once déclassé to order coffee to-go or da portare via the culture is changing, and it is now becoming acceptable.
Tell us in the comments, where have you had the best cup of coffee of your life?

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