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How To Buy Jewelry From Joe Zee, Nicole Richie, The Glamourai, More

How To Buy Jewelry From Joe Zee, Nicole Richie, The Glamourai, More

How To Buy Jewelry From Joe Zee, Nicole Richie, The Glamourai, More
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Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If it snuck up on you in the same way it snuck up on us, there’s a good chance you’re scrambling to find the perfect present either for yourself or someone special. No need to seriously stress just yet—you still have a bit of time to devise a gifting game plan.

If you’re stumped on what to buy, something small, sparkly, and sentimental is always a safe bet. In other words: jewelry. However, what starts out seeming like a great idea can actually become quite overwhelming and undeniably expensive. That’s why we tapped some of the most popular jewelry designers, influencers, and fashion personalities to get their go-to tips on how to pick out the perfect (and most meaningful) piece of jewelry for that special someone.

Check out their tips below, and some gift ideas in the slideshow above!

Joe Zee, Elle Magazine Creative Director, Contributing Style Curator for Ventee-Privee: “When selecting a piece of jewelry, buy a piece that has characteristics special to you and your loved one, but be sure it is an accessory that is rooted in timeless jewels that will never go out of style—like diamonds! If it’s an extremely unique piece,  make sure it’s one of great quality and substance. If you’re stumped, you can always go for a stylish but versatile gift like a Missoni scarf that appeals to any woman and can be worn morning, noon and night!”

Nicole Richie, owner/designer of House of Harlow 1960: “The best gifts are pieces that a girl would love to have, but wouldn’t necessarily purchase for herself. I love to gift headpieces as they’re such a unique accessory— and you know they’ll always fit. When accessorizing, I focus on necklaces or bracelets, [since] they are great for layering and can go with something you may already have in your jewelry collection.”

Kelly Framel, style blogger, the Glamourai: “I don’t believe that fine jewelry should be reserved for special occasions—I think you should be wearing your nicest stuff everyday and everywhere! With that in mind, I always choose pieces that I know will work into my daily life and become a seamless part of my style, like [an] understated, chic cuff.”

Jennifer Fisher, jewelry designer, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist: “Always listen to people or significant others when they mention what they want. The biggest mistake our customers make is going outside the box and buying something totally [out of] left field. Never a good idea. Listen and write things down! When buying for yourself, stick to classic with an edge. Always purchase fine over costume if there’s an option. You want your jewelry to retain its value and have an heirloom quality, especially with charms. Our customers feel like there’s nothing better than receiving a piece of custom jewelry, something exclusive that’s theirs alone because of the customization. You can go big or delicate but customization is key.”

Sam Hitchcock and Shawn Hecox, jewelry designers, The Woods: “[Try] one of our charm bracelets—you can attach your own meaning to each charm, maybe with a little irony or humor to take away the cliché and pressure of the typical Valentine’s gift!”

Philip Crangi, jewelry designer, Giles & Brother: “Make it personal! Show her that you love her by customizing a piece of jewelry for her—the date you met is a great thing to stamp on our skinny Rail Road Spike Cuff ’cause nothing says ‘I love you’ like remembering your anniversary.”

Michelle Campbell, jewelry designer, Campbell Fine Jewelry: “For Valentine’s Day, I think [our] Diamond Air Ring is a winner. It’s not too expensive, and so pretty. It also can [mix] well with other pieces.”

Paige Novick, jewelry designer: “Go big or go home!”


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