Would You Buy A $200 Device To Dry Your Bras? Our Staffers Say No Way

Perrie Samotin
 Would You Buy A $200 Device To Dry Your Bras? Our Staffers Say No Way

The Bra Dryer 2.0 (Photo: Bradryer.com)

File this away under the never-ending list of stuff we probably don’t need: A $200 device that zaps your bras dry in 20 to 30 minutes by using infrared light.

According to the Daily News, the Bra Dryer 2.0. is a breast-shaped gadget that uses infrared light to banish moisture from just-washed bras, with the goal of keeping padding in place, and preserving beadwork, lace, and other delicate accoutrements.

“The idea actually came from a female friend who asked why it’s such a problem drying bras,” engineer Alexander Farennikov, 35, told the Daily News.

The device—which will cost around $150 t0 $200 when it hits stores next year—doesn’t discriminate, as it’ll come in cup sizes A-H. Apparently, in order to use it, you’ll answer questions about your bra’s size and the amount of padding it has, and the dryer will determine what temperature and how much air flow it needs.

So, why, exactly, would women shell out $200 for a bra-drying gadget? According to Farennikov, a conventional laundry dryer is too rough on skivvies, and air-drying takes too long. And, according to the device’s website, bradryer.com, it also provides women with more free time “allowing [them] to get ready for the day, go on a date, or be more productive on other tasks in general.”

We asked staffers around the StyleCaster office what they thought of the device and whether they’d shell out $200 of their hard-earned bread for the gadget.

“Definitely not. The practicality is there, but the price point is ridiculous.” —Spencer Cain, Celebrity Editor (who, it should be noted, is a guy)

“No way. $200 is ridiculous when all it takes is a hang over a shower curtain rod. If I needed it in 20 minutes, I wouldn’t wash the bra.” —Augusta Falletta, Associate Beauty Editor, BeautyHigh

“[A bra] only take two hours to air dry. I normally don’t need to wear my bras immediately—I can afford the two hours.” —Rachel Adler, Beauty Director, BeautyHigh

“Seriously?! I would rather buy $200 worth of bras than buy a device that dries them.” —Cailan Cassidy, Corporate Coordinator

“Nah. My towel rack is free.” —Meghan Cross, Director of Communication

Would YOU drop $200 on the device, even if you had the money? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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