We Tried Burger King’s Low-Cal Low-Fat ‘Satisfries’ and They’re Actually Really Good

Meghan Blalock
satisfries1 We Tried Burger Kings Low Cal Low Fat Satisfries and Theyre Actually Really Good

Photo via Instagram.com/TheVivant

Burger King just yesterday launched their new low-calorie, low-fat French fry—which they have dubbed the “Satisfry”—and naturally, we needed to taste them to see what all the fuss is about. It’s not everyday you get to taste test some fast food fries as part of your job, so when in Rome!
Our Tasting Notes: These new Burger King fries are delightful. We compared the general experience with what it’s like to eat a classic BK fry and here’s the main differences we found: BK’s new Satisfries are plumper, less greasy, and generally more potato-tasting. In comparison, the traditional fries are crisper, thinner, and generally more typical of a fast food Frenchy fry. The fact that these fries have 30 percent less fat and 20 percent fewer calories than BK’s normal fries, and 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than those offered by competitor McDonald’s, is truly icing on the cake.

All in the Name: We also got the details on the name ‘Satisfries.’ A rep for the restaurant chain said it was the result of “months” of brainstorming and testing different names out, and the final choice was a joint effort between the creative team at Burger King and the one at BK’s PR team at Alison Brod Public Relations in New York. We don’t really care who it was that came up with this genius name, they deserve a gold star for life.
Final Verdict: The Satisfries are the best pun ever seen in fast food, and they are tasty too. We recommend trying them (and we are a picky bunch).

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