Brooklyn Decker Would Clean Adam Sandler’s Toilet


All of America is eagerly awaiting the comedic release of Just Go With It, set to hit theaters on February 11. This seasons feel-good romantic comedy includes a pair of perennial favorites, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, and welcomes newcomer actress/model Brooklyn Decker. Decker is busting onto the silver-screen at the perfect time. She has been set up for notoriety, having recently been named Esquires Sexiest Woman Alive, and is snagging major roles left and right.

After interviewing Decker, its clear she wants to get serious about her career in acting while still keeping things light. Girl-next-door caught in a supermodels body AND she got to hang out with Sandler and Aniston for weeks on end? Can you say jealous? Read on for my exclusive interview with Hollywoods latest rising star.

When you auditioned for the role of Palmer in Just Go With It how badly did you want it?
I wanted my part badly. I auditioned for it several times and felt that it was a role that I could take on for my first film. I wanted something that was fun and light and something I could learn from.

When you started modeling was there ever a time you thought you might fall into acting? Was it something you pursued?
I think I always was intrigued by acting but never shared it with anyone because, quite frankly, I felt silly doing the whole “model turned actor” thing. I love learning and love taking risks and I get to do all of that when I make movies. I really fell in love with the process and at this point, I just want to get better. I want to continue taking classes and continue learning.

Now for probably the most commonly asked question (but Im dying to know the answer): What was the funniest thing that happened on the set of Just Go with It?
We have a great scene in the movie that involves a sheep and Nick Swardson giving it mouth to mouth. We had real livestock on set that day and Adam was there throwing jokes to Nick; it got so absurd and funny that I was smearing my mascara from laughing tears.

Did you bond with Aniston and Sandler?
I have so much respect for Jen and Adam and both of them mean a lot to me. Adam took a risk on me and gave me my first big break and Jen was so good to me from the get-go. And I do feel indebted to them. I would clean Adam’s toilet in his trailer if he asked me.

Youve already filmed the lead role in Pete Bergs Battleship. Its looking like your destined for big things in Hollywood. Whats your dream role?
Peter Berg is someone whom I have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for. He’s filming this massive movie and trusted me to be a big part of it so that was an incredible experience. I hope to continue making movies, and the reason I love Pete is because the women in his movies are always strong. Look at Jen Garner in The Kingdom. He could easily be generic and make his female roles the victim or make them an accessory. But no, he likes them to have some strength in them. At this point, I just want to continue working, and if Im lucky enough to choose roles, I just want them to be interesting.

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Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It

Now what America is dying to know, clearly genetics played a huge role, but how do you stay in peak condition?

Physically, I work hard on my body. Yes, genetics play a role, but I definitely need to work out to maintain myself. I work with a trainer, Lance Hooton, when I’m in Austin. Really, there’s no secret, its healthy eating and exercise. However, I like to stay active, sometimes I don’t like hitting the gym, and if I don’t, I go on a hike, or take a kayak out. That’s when working out gets really fun.

Fashion Week is coming up; will we see you and Andy at the shows? Its actually timed perfectly with the release of Just Go With It! If youre going to shows can you tell us which ones?
At this point, I don’t plan on going to any fashion shows. While I love the energy that surrounds fashion week, I’m so busy with Just Go With It. I think everyone’s going to be sick of me by the time it comes out! I kind of want to hole up in a cave after it’s all said and done! I want to be with my dog, my family and relax for a few days.

Who are your favorite designers?
There’s a long list. Elizabeth and James, Rag and Bone, Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant. For red carpet, I love Elie Saab, Marchesa and Calvin Klein. Dolce & Gabbana really know how to fit a woman’s body. Again, this is my job. I’m not a big shopper, but I’m a huge admirer.

In one word, how would you describe your personal style?

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