Britney Spears’ Net Worth: How Rich Is She Really?

Spencer Cain
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Hollywood is a tricky, fickle place, dominated by excess of all kinds—from serious shopping to dangerous drug addictions. It’s very easy for a young starlet to get caught up in all that, and that’s exactly what happened with Britney Spears, the former teen queen who burst on to the scene back in 1999. Sadly for Brit, after a few years of success, it all went downhill. There was everything from the infamous “hitting a paparazzo with an umbrella” incident to the 2008 conservatorship that allowed her father to control all her expenses.
But Spears is seriously the comeback kid. These days, she’s wealthier than she ever has been—and her lifestyle (while extravagant in some ways) is relatively humble compared to some of her peers. We decided to break down how rich she really is—so read on to find out!
Estimated Net Worth: Spears is in the upper echelon of entertainment, and her net worth is estimated at a staggering $200 million. The best news for Brit? It only continues to grow!
Salary: The Louisiana native has been a fixture on Forbes lists for years now, and is a far cry from the quaint country town where she was raised. Her salaries have fluctuated over the years based on how much she was working, but as of late she’s been at the top of her game. Back in May 2012, it was announced that she would be a judge on “The X Factor,” Simon Cowell‘s show that he brought to the United States. Although she isn’t returning for another season, she bagged a cool $15 million for it—making her the highest-paid judge on a singing competition series ever. In December 2012, she was listed as the top earning woman in music—banking $58 million last year.
Empire: Over the years, Spears has had her share of major endorsement deals. Back in 2001, she moved somewhat fledgling soda brand Pepsi into the big leagues when she signed a deal with them worth around $7 million. She’s been the face of brands like Skechers and Candie’s. She also has a serious presence in the celebrity fragrance world. Her first fragrance—called Curious—broke Elizabeth Arden’s first week sales record. Now, over one million of her fragrances have been sold worldwide in the past five years, and the empire is reportedly worth over $1.5 billion.
Other Projects: She’s dabbled in the film and TV worlds—come on, we all remember her semi-autobiographical 2002 film “Crossroads”—but her biggest side project to date will certainly be her two year Las Vegas residency gig at Caesars Palace, which will reportedly net her $100 million. Yep. Look out, Madonna.
Real Estate: Spears has owned numerous properties over the years (like a mansion off of Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills that she scooped up for $6.75 million back in 2007 that she recently sold at a massive loss for $4.2 million). Until recently, she was shacking up in a leased 10,000 square foot mansion in Thousand Oaks, a private neighborhood where she has previously rented a swanky property. She also purchased an $8.5 million spread in the same neighborhood in hopes of living there with fiancé Jason Trawick—but the two split soon after.
What do you think of Britney Spears’ huge net worth? Are you surprised?


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