Britney Spears’ Body Was Majorly Airbrushed (And Slimmed Down) In New Video

Meghan Blalock
britney spears airbrushed

Photos via HOAX

This week is shaping up—pun very much intended—to be quite the week for celebrities who are blatantly airbrushed. First, Kate Winslet looked barely recognizable on the November cover of American Vogue, and now, images have emerged suggesting that Britney Spears underwent some major digital work in her “Work B-tch” video.

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As our friends over at E! Online have pointed out, visual effects studio HOAX, who worked on editing the video, published before-and-after shots from Britney’s shoot to their website, presumably to show off just how good their work is, and they included some images of her looking noticeably slimmed down in the final version. Granted, the photos aren’t crystal-clear, but they’re still obviously very retouched.

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As you may recall, we did nothing but rave when Britney’s latest video first debuted. Partially because the song is quite the club anthem, partially because she’s running around (literally) whipping girls in said video, but mostly: it was the fact that Britney just looked so good.  She danced,  lip-synched, and pouted like we haven’t seen her do in years, and it was mesmerizing. So to hear that she might have been super photoshopped is a wee bit disappointing (if not at all surprising).

However, we will also point out: Britney looks amazing in both before and after shots. We kind of wish they had gone light on the airbrushing, because it seems completely unnecessary to us.

britney spears airbrushed 2


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