Britney Reads Letterman’s Top Ten in a Bikini


Britney Spears is our collective socially awkward friend. She seems like a decent enough person. You enjoy her company. But put Britney in a public situation and you just cringe as she unknowingly embarrasses herself. Ugh… Head. Desk.

Meanwhile, Britney decided that a great way to boost her Circus tour promotional efforts would be to read David Letterman’s, “Top Ten Ways the Country Would be Different if Britney Spears Were President.” In a bikini. Where is she??? I’m assuming she is either: A. on the set of a b-rate porno, B. at a doctor’s office, or C. on the set of one of those ambulance chaser lawyers with ads on TV and the subway.

Dear CBS, thank you for that strategically placed banner with the top ten break down.

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