Brighten up for Summer: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER

Brighten up for Summer: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER
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Rati came to the StyleCaster Creative team wanting her inner energy to match her outer appearance. The girl has an insane amount of positive and vivacious vibes emanating from her every pore, so we needed to really nail it when it came to the final look. The black and white ensemble she came to set with just didnt match her lively spirit.

We took Rati on a journey to one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, where the designer duds were lively, bright and distinctive, the perfect match for Ratis needs and skin tone. Anthropologie also happens to be Ratis favorite store, so we really hit the jackpot. After she tried on half the merchandise in the store, and gave us a full-on fashion show, we escorted Rati to the cool uptown installment of the Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger salon to meet with the hair and makeup geniuses from her team. Come along for the ride by flipping through our slideshow above!

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Location: Anthropologie @ Rockefeller Center

We love the color, but even though the maxi skirt is all the rage this summer season, it’s a little too overwhelming on Rati’s small frame. It’s time to hike up those hemlines!

Location: Anthropologie @ Rockefeller Center

 This adorable geometric print dress has the fun and flirty element that Rati is looking for, but the color isn’t vibrant enough. We need to kick it up a notch when it comes to the palette. The belt really accentuates her teeny tiny little waist, which is always a plus. The final look needs a belt and tons of color.

Glamour shot, we couldn’t resist!

Location: Anthropologie @ Rockefeller Center

The mixed print element of the sandals and the skirt is a cute twist, but the skirt is too voluminous on Rati. Still, there is more energy in this look!

Location: Anthropologie @ Rockefeller Center

You can tell by Rati’s smile that we’re almost there. The color combination is cool, but maybe too Ronald McDonald for our taste. The skirt gives off a sexy secretary vibe, which is much more suitable for Rati’s frame.

Hair Stylist Rebekah Forecast of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger  

Since Rati wanted to keep the length of her hair, Rebekah, worked with Rati to achieve the strongest look, taking into consideration her constraints. “If you’re not ready to make a length adjustment you’re just going to feel unattractive. And that’s not a good thing to do. She has beautiful hair, but it’s very heavy and thick. This is a great asset, but because it’s so dark it can look heavy.”

Hair Stylist Rebekah Forecast of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

“I decided to lighten her hair up a lot around the face. Trying to coach the hair to come off the face a little bit. Rati has a very beautiful face, but much smaller features, and the hair was sort of taking over a little bit. I kept the length but took a lot of shorter pieces and did a nice swept bang, which I think will give her a lighter look and expose the face more.“

Colorist Sophie Georgiou of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

"I think Rati has a beautiful color, and I don’t want her color to be artificial looking. It’s important to play with the haircut and create a little contrast. I wanted to keep it softer and lighter around the face."  

Colorist Sophie Georgiou of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

"We did some lowlights and highlights because Rati’s old highlights were very light. I took all of the pieces that were very light I toned them down with a very natural vegetable color. After, we did a very natural highlight, almost like a nice milk chocolate color, because she has a beautiful base. I finished off with a glaze to make the highlights shine."

Makeup: Makeup artist Frank Guyton of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

“With women of color I think it is important that they use yellow-based foundations and concealer, because that’s the only thing that will brighten up underneath the eye. They need to stay away from pinks because they will turn ashy. It’s also important to use darker colors to contour. They should use a yellow-based foundation to blend all of those beautiful colors together to create new skin.”

Makeup: Makeup artist Frank Guyton of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

“For Rati, because she has so many vibrant colors going on in her wardrobe, I wanted to keep her makeup very simple. Women who wear a lot of color should keep the face clean to avoid overcomplicating their look. I try to make it about the skin, so that it’s radiant, glowing and dewy.”

The lackluster look Rati arrived in. She'll always be beautiful, but she's more at home in color!

And the grand reveal!

We think this works, and so does Rati!


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