Brighten up for Summer: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER

Brighten up for Summer: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER
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Rati came to the StyleCaster Creative team wanting her inner energy to match her outer appearance. The girl has an insane amount of positive and vivacious vibes emanating from her every pore, so we needed to really nail it when it came to the final look. The black and white ensemble she came to set with just didnt match her lively spirit.

We took Rati on a journey to one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, where the designer duds were lively, bright and distinctive, the perfect match for Ratis needs and skin tone. Anthropologie also happens to be Ratis favorite store, so we really hit the jackpot. After she tried on half the merchandise in the store, and gave us a full-on fashion show, we escorted Rati to the cool uptown installment of the Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger salon to meet with the hair and makeup geniuses from her team. Come along for the ride by flipping through our slideshow above!

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