Bright Young Things: A Night Out With the Sister Duo Behind Anndra Neen

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Bright Young Things: A Night Out With the Sister Duo Behind Anndra Neen
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“Since we were young our grandmother got dressed and everybody around us was passionate about clothing,” Phoebe Stephens, one half of the designer sister duo behind cult jewelry label Anndra Neen told us. Phoebe and sister Annette started their jewelry collection three years ago, and it has been racking up the accolades ever since —you can now buy it at Kirna Zabete and Opening Ceremony.
“It was instilled in us to try and be different, to go the extra mile, to be an individual,” Phoebe shares of her personal style. “We don’t like to be the person in the background.”
Annette chimes in (the sisters finish each other’s sentences regularly): “We approach clothing like it’s a moving art piece. A lot of people see magazine editorials and think they could never dress that way but you can dress in that spirit.”
The sisters let us tag along as they got ready for a night out in New York City (in Phoebe’s gorgeous art filled Gramercy Park apartment), stopped for a quick drink at trendy West Village eatery The Lion, and then attended the Whitney Museum of Art Studio Party (a benefit they were on the committee for).
“For the Whitney you have to think about what is going to be appropriate,” Phoebe says of picking out the right outfit for the event. “It is exciting because we get to wear Salvatore Ferragamo. We love it, we are passionate about the house. It’s been revived and you just feel like you want to wear every piece.” The line has undergone an image makeover since Massimiliano Giornetti took the Creative Director reigns in 2010, inspiring a new generation of fans from Jessica Alba to Lady Gaga. Young “it” girls like the Stephens sisters are a perfect match for the elegant clothes with just the right amount of bohemian edge.
“I wore something Ferragamo to the wedding of Karla Martinez who works at W magazine recently,” Phoebe shares. “It was a crochet dress in navy blue—sexy but demure. People were constantly stopping me to ask about it.” Yes, the dress likely had something to do with attention, but there is undoubtedly something about the Stephens sisters that style setters the world over are gravitating towards these days.
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Photography by: Ally Lindsay
Makeup by: Jessa Blades
Shoot Locations: The Lion and the Whitney Museum of Art

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The designers and sisters behind jewelry brand Anndra Neen, Annette and Phoebe Stephens, are quickly becoming New York City "it" girls, garnering praise for their collection of statement jewelry as well as for their personal styles.

We tagged along with the sisters as they got dressed in Salvatore Ferragamo for an evening out that included a stop at The Lion for a quick drink and then the Whitney Museum of Art Studio Party, which they were on the benefit committee for. 

Just don't expect to find the hardworking Stephens sisters dancing on a table at the end of the night. Annette says, "We meet every morning at a cafe at 9 a.m. for a morning coffee and to catch up on whatever we are working on. We are strict about it."

Annette shares of her and her sister's getting ready routine: "We like to get dressed together and we usually put music on and get in the mood of whatever event we are going to." Phoebe jumps in, "And we dance a little." Says Annette, "Yes, that's essential."

Phoebe's gorgeous Gramercy Park loft-like apartment, on the ground floor of a townhouse, serves as the perfect backdrop for getting ready for a night out. Amazing details line the apartment from art, to jewelry, to unique finds like a vintage sled (that doubles as storage for art books). 

The space also serves as an office for Anndra Neen. The jewelry collection is handmade in Mexico and is sold everywhere from Opening Ceremony to Kirna Zabete. Salvatore Ferragamo Travel Case pictured left.

The sisters apply the same style edge that has made their jewelry line a hit to getting ready. Phoebe says, "We call it the click when you put something on and it just works…we always want an outfit to have a little flair of us." Annette shares, "We like to give clothes our own take—the jewelry, the shoes, the hair." Salvatore Ferragamo velvet and lace sandals from Fall 2012 pictured.

The Stephens sisters fully glam and ready to hit the town wearing Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2012 bohemian inspired looks. "We love this kind of Russian feeling that this collection was about," Annette says.

First stop of the night, trendy West Village eatery The Lion

"Nights like this are really fun for us," Phoebe shares. "We work a lot and sometimes we don’t get to go out that much."

Dining out is still a favorite activity for the sisters who favor intimate neighborhood restaurants like The Lion, Acme, and Il Buco for nights out with friends. For late night Annette says, "Le Baron is always fun for us."

Next stop of the night is the Whitney Museum of Art Studio Party (which raises money to support emerging and established artists). The Stephens sisters are committee members along with the likes of Olivier Theyskens and Naomi Watts. Phoebe says, "The Whitney is exciting, it’s a party at a museum, it goes late, but you still want to feel elegant."

The designer duo here, admiring the Whitney Studio Party’s Grey Area Instagram Project. Over 100 artists, including Shelter Serra, Wes Lang, and Liz Magic Laser, submitted a signed photograph that partygoers could purchase to benefit the museum.

Phoebe says at the end of the night, "It's super exciting to be in New York as designer and entrepreneur. We are here and you make it here. It is hard, and it takes a lot of discipline, but it is never dull." Salvatore Ferragamo military inspired coats from Fall 2012 pictured.

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