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Model Breastfeeding in Vogue Netherlands Sparks Controversy: NSFW

Model Breastfeeding in Vogue Netherlands Sparks Controversy: NSFW

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Courtesy of Vogue Netherlands

Vogue Netherlands has taken political fashion to a whole new level with a spread in their forthcoming October issue, which features model Ymre Stiekema breastfeeding a baby, styled in the manner of a painting by the Dutch masters. The image, shot by fashion photographer Erwin Olaf, has sparked a little bit of controversy.

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Keeping in mind that people barely raised an eyebrow when Angelina Jolie posed for similar shots for W magazine back in 2008, it’s interesting that this shot is really sparking debate amongst Internet commenters the world over. Then again, Vogue Netherlands is somewhat good at getting people talking: back in April, they dressed models up in blackface, thus inspiring a flurry of irate Tweets. Maybe they just like starting conversations around taboo subjects?

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Right here in America, public breastfeeding is still a hot topic amongst the mothering community and people at large. When Time magazine put a woman breastfeeding a grown child on their cover last year, the debate raged on for what seemed like months after. We suspect that Europeans have a more laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing, and that (to them, at least) seeing a model breastfeeding isn’t anything to get up in arms over.

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