Bras For Six-Year Olds? UK Retailer Marks & Spencer Apologizes For Inappropriate Labeling

Bee Shyuan

Santoni crop tops were being marketing as bras for six-year olds. Photo:

Sure we keep hearing that kids are maturing faster than ever these days (or is that just a sign that we’re getting older?), but when a major UK retailer starts labeling bras for six-year olds, we have pause for concern.

Marks & Spencer has been caught up in public outrage over Santoni heart-patterned, lace-trimmed crop tops that were being marketed to six-year olds as grown-up underthings, reports Telegraph UK. Until the campaign was removed earlier this week, the UK retailer was so bold as to suggest that the cropped numbers were “a great way of getting girls used to the idea of wearing bras,” reports the news site.

Many of the abbreviated numbers were labeled as bras with the age range going from six to 14 (the labeling on the retailer’s site has since been corrected). And while developing teenage girls is one thing, children’s charities weren’t so keen on the idea of pre-maturing.

“We’ve campaigned to combat a trend towards the sexualisation of children and one aspect of this is the production and selling of clothes that are absolutely inappropriate,” the director of child protection charity Kidscape, Claude Knights, told the site. “I think there is a trend to be 30 before you’re five. It’s a great worry because the young girls wearing this are not in control of the messages they are sending out.”

As it turns out, two marks a trend. Another UK retailer, Primark, sold padded bikini sets for children as young as seven.

Both retailers have since apologized to the public.

What do you think of bras and padded bikini tops for little girls? Completely inappropriate or are we taking the “fashion trend” too seriously? Let us know in the comments!

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