Brad Pitt Plays Cover Model for Sports Illustrated

Spencer Cain

In honor of this Friday’s release of Moneyball, Brad Pitt appears on the September 26 issue of Sports Illustrated wearing an Oakland A’s hat. Confession: I haven’t been too keen on Brad since his divorce from Jennifer Aniston. While I’m sure he and Angelina Jolie have mad love for each other and their numerous children (not to mention the charity work they have done has been immensely beneficial), something about the whole drama just strikes me as so phony. However (sigh), I’m still unable to deny his classically handsome good looks.

That said, the 47-year-old is looking a little long in the tooth on this cover – OK, sure, he’s not Benjamin Button. I mean, he doesn’t age backwards, but still. I expected more from him. Also, it IS Sports Illustrated, after all — show us some muscles or some physical ability. I understand that he’s playing a general manager in a movie and not in real life, but it would have been nice to see more of an action shot here — racing around on a motorcycle in full-on leather would have worked in a pinch.

Stick to what you’re good at, Brad…which apparently is just acting aloof in front of paparazzi and saving the world.

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