10 Boots Worth Splurging On This Winter

10 Boots Worth Splurging On This Winter
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Luxury boots are investment pieces that are meant to last. Some pairs you might keep delicately tucked away in your closet, saving them for special occasions. Others might become your go-to pair for a fun night out, or give you an extra boost of confidence for an important power lunch. Regardless of why you’re sporting them, luxury boots are meant to make you feel empowered and special. We’ve browsed recent collections of some of our favorite designers to find an amazing selection of luxury boots. These shoes would be a great addition to any wardrobe, whether you like more classic styles or love dressing up your look with some show-stopping footwear.
When you invest in designer boots, you’re not just making a purchase: you’re making an investment. An investment in timeless style. An investment in the finest quality materials, from Italian leather, to unique wood or metal detailing. Some shoes are even adorned with rare feathers or jewels, or have a specially engineered heel. These boots are also almost always made by expert craftsmen and women who have spent decades perfecting their skills. These are boots you will keep long enough to let your granddaughter play dress up in one day. These are boots that look like true works of art, because they are. Plus, you know they won’t fall apart after a few months of wear.
But before you step out for your #BestNightEver in your new favorite fall luxury boots, make sure to complete the rest of your look. Check out our tips for achieving the perfect metallic lid (another fun trend for winter) and make sure to use CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ for strong, beautiful hair.
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