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Celebrate Blue Ivy Carter’s Birthday With 30 Photos of the Fabulous Tot

Celebrate Blue Ivy Carter’s Birthday With 30 Photos of the Fabulous Tot

January 7th, 2014
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  • tumblr lz5bjzrrN91rpp9h3o1 1280

    Through a Tumblr account created just for the occasion, the world gets a glimpse of Blue Ivy for the first time.

  • tumblr lz5bkxN3af1rpp9h3o1 1280

    Beyonce and Jay Z show off Blue Ivy Carter, born January 7, 2012.

  • tumblr lz5b9fEUnT1rpp9h3o1 1280

    Only a few minutes old and already putting a smile on Daddy's face.

  • tumblr mgfhj9XQVr1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Showing off her post-baby body, Beyonce plays with Blue in the sand.

  • tumblr mdw9tsvR9e1rqgjz2o1 1280

    In matching blue, the pair shared a picture perfect moment.

  • tumblr m8m1k1869a1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce bottle-feeds baby Blue, who is showing support for her fathers Watch the Throne tour.

  • tumblr mo1opcQI6s1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Blue Ivy takes to relaxing in a jacuzzi with mom while on a summer vacation.

  • tumblr mn48oesXnR1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Blue Ivy kicks back in a monogrammed director's chair for the Mrs.Carter Show World Tour.

  • tumblr mp2pwewT2c1rqgjz2o1 1280

    We already identified Blue Ivy Carter as Hollywood royalty, now she has the crown to prove it.

  • tumblr mphqlyUWQh1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Hand in hand, Beyonce and Blue Ivy enjoy the sun during a playdate in the park.

  • tumblr mp2pyjU2MS1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Blue Ivy reaches out for Beyonce's nose in a sweet moment.

  • tumblr mpvcq2cwDo1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Looking equally fabulous, the mother-daughter duo enjoy some sun and sand.

  • tumblr mpvd1iCECz1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce and Blue dip their toes in the water while on a summer vacation.

  • tumblr mpvd69cz3r1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce and Blue Ivy go for a stroll.

  • tumblr mtfqsgstE71rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce took to Instagram to share an adorable picture of her foot next to Blue Ivy's tiny toes.

  • tumblr msz5rg8rnf1rqgjz2o1 1280

    The father-daughter duo share a sweet moment as they travel on the Galactica Star yacht.

  • tumblr msz5s9bRj81rqgjz2o1 1280

    Baby Blue toured the family yacht while vacationing in the Mediterranean.

  • tumblr muvpmz9dVf1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce shares an adorable glimpse into a courtyard playdate with Blue.

  • tumblr mutqotP75m1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce and Blue Ivy relax in a hammock while vacationing in New Zealand.

  • tumblr muvpsbJLOC1rqgjz2o1 1280

    The mommy-daughter duo played peek-a-boo while on a tropical getaway.

  • tumblr mv1c5cgcdb1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Blue Ivy poses with an oversized hat while playing outside in the sun.

  • tumblr mv8sl0LHcE1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Blue Ivy takes to the piano to show off her musical talent.

  • tumblr mv8sjocO5w1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Blue Ivy rocks a dinosaur hoodie while riding on dad, Jay Z's shoulders.

  • tumblr mvrac3ObGB1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Jay Z shares some bonding time with Blue Ivy on vacation.

  • tumblr myc1fdNVlx1rqgjz2o1 1280

    In an outtake from the music video Blue, we see baby Blue playing beside Beyonce.

  • tumblr mxap6cqRFf1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce took to Instagram to show off Blue Ivy's serious street style.

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.08.06 PM

    Wearing a bikini top and Daisy Dukes, Beyonce holds Blue Ivy as they both gaze out at the ocean.

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.09.17 PM

    Nestled between his and her Timberland boots, are little Blue Ivy's pint-size kicks.

  • tumblr mvl6hcEOus1rqgjz2o1 1280

    Beyonce and Blue Ivy get ready to go trick-or-treating in adorable Halloween costumes.

  • New-Picture-1-Year-Old-Blue-Ivy-Carter-Beyonce

    The HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream gave an inside look at the Carter family.

Two years ago, power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed into the world baby Blue Ivy Carter, who arguably became the most famous tot in the world, and who had us clamoring for a peek at her adorable face since her birth.

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At first, Bey and Jay resisted the urge to sell photos of their daughter to the tabloids (good move), but they also were pretty shy about posting full-on views of the baby to their social media accounts, only broadening the shroud of mystery that surrounded her.

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Luckily, as baby Blue got a little older, the superstars became a little more comfortable showing her off on Beyoncé’s Instagram and Tumblr page, often outfitted in crazy-cool gear like customized leather jackets to a jewel-encrusted crown.

To properly celebrate Blue Ivy’s second birthday, we’ve rounded up the most memorable awww-inducing moments we’ve seen of the cutie so far.

Click through the gallery and let us know: Which photos are your favorite? 

All photos via Beyoncé’s Tumblr and Instagram

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