Fashion Bloggers To Watch: Our September Picks!

Fashion Bloggers To Watch: Our September Picks!
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With Fashion Week approaching at a terrifying speed, editors the world over are gearing up for yet another test of their endurance, stamina and undying love for fashion despite everything it puts us through eight weeks out of the year. But this upcoming season of back-to-back shows begs the question will rising fashion bloggers feel the same pressure to perform? For their sakes, we hope not, but as the trend of seasons past has proven, blogging babes are quickly creeping into frazzled Fashion Week veteran territory.

We won’t deny it though, we love a blogger just as much as the next, and these five are our favorite gals of the moment. We’d be glad to share a spot with them front row. From Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker’s model-off-duty style to Dajana of Le Flassh’s laid back Aussie cool, flip through the slide show above to get some serious outfit inspiration in just a few clicks.

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From left to right: Stylorectic, Froufrouu, Factory Style, 4th and Bleeker, Le Flassh

Stylorectic: The Austria-based blogger behind Stylorectic has a head of two-toned hair to match her Chloe Sevigny meets Lady Gaga meets Alice Dellal style.

Froufrouu: We first fell in love with Nadia when she posted her head to toe outfits to our Daily Mirror section, and have followed her blog religiously ever since. While always chic and elegant with that European infused je ne sais quoi, Nadia's wares are often a surprising mix of finds from places like H&M, vintage stores and ebay rather than big name designers.

4th and Bleeker: Maybe it's the fact that Alexandra Spencer actually DIYed her very own pair of "Penny Lane pants" or perhaps it's that she's so gorgeous clothes can't help but look good on her – but the stylish 21-year-old behind 4th and Bleeker is the shit. Period.

Le Flassh: At first glance, you might be fooled into pinning Dajana of Le Flassh as a laidback cool Cali girl, but alas – stylish Aussie's are everywhere these days, and we're always pleasantly surprised by their presence. Dajana's ability to be a style chameleon makes her blog especially inspirational for girls who like to dress to their mood.

Factory Style: Italians are just born with it so it seems, and Valentina from Factory Style is no exception. Hailing from Vercelli, Italy, she's not afraid to mix it up with an eclectic downtown vibe one day and a more classic look the next.

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