Bloggers Turned Designers – Who Is Taking The Next Step?

Liz Doupnik

It’s not a secret that bloggers are slowly taking over the world. They’re inspiring some of our favorite designers (ahem, Marc Jacobs‘ BB bag anyone?) and sitting next to Anna at almost any given fashion show. We figured it was only a matter of time until they took the next step and started to lend their personal style to designing their own pieces.

Yes, we know a few have already led the way for these online trailblazers, but we love the community aspect SIXLondon and brainstormed to create an awesome capsule collection. SIXby6Bloggers will feature shoes designed by some of our favorite internet personalities out there like Susie Bubble, FaceHunter, and Man Repeller, just to name a few.

Each blogger was given complete creative freedom to dream up their fantasy footwear for this limited edition line (better move fast shoe hunters!) The shoes offer something for everyone – especially risk-takers. We know we’ll be primed on November 22 when the sale goes live on In the meantime, the SixLondon website is showcasing a really addictive video – we can’t wait to get our tootsies in some of these shoes.

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