Blake Lively Just Told Off a Reporter For Asking This Obnoxious Question

Blake Lively Just Told Off a Reporter For Asking This Obnoxious Question
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Blake Lively was none too pleased when a reporter asked her about what she was wearing at Variety‘s New York Power of Women Luncheon today. According to USA Today, Lively was outraged when she was asked about her clothing choices. Lively was honored at the event for her advocacy against child pornography.

“Really? At this event, you’re asking me about my outfit?” Lively said. “Seriously…Would you ask a man that?” In a video posted to Twitter, Lively is shown looking seriously pissed as she adds, “I’m here so we … become more aware, and that we change, and that we build women up,” she said. “So, you can ask me another question.”

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Lively’s important work with the Child Rescue Coalition is bringing awareness to a cause that uses new technology to find predators. “It’s so disturbing. A lot of these people are fathers,” Lively said. “If you proactively find these predators, you can save so many children.”

She’s a mother of two young girls—two-year-old James and seven-month-old Ines—so the issue is particularly near to her heart. “There are millions of files all over the world being traded every single day of child pornography,” Lively added. So—yeah, don’t ask her what she’s wearing.

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