Blake Lively’s Christmas Tradition: Seven Hours in Bed With Her Whole Family

Leah Bourne
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Photo: Wenn

Just in case you think Blake Lively’s Christmas tradition involves some glamorous 12-course meal, think again.

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“Christmas is really just about being with family so we never leave the house,” Lively told The Kit. “We’re together all day whether we’re making gingerbread houses or making cookies or sitting around watching movies, all piled up.”

“I don’t know how my family does this but everybody gets in the same bed, somehow we just spend seven hours a day just chatting, it’s really nice to have that time” she added.

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As for what gets the star in the Christmas spirit, she revealed: “To me the smell of Christmas is spruce, because growing up in California, when those candles would come out, it was the only way that we got any kind of a winter. Cookies I get year round, pine I only get at Christmas.”

Considering that Lively is very pregnant right now, can we really blame her for wanting to spend Christmas in bed? Plus, if we were married to Ryan Reynolds we would try to concoct extra ways to spend time in bed too.

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