Little Black Book: Max Mara’s Maria Giulia Maramotti’s Guide to Milan

Little Black Book: Max Mara’s Maria Giulia Maramotti’s Guide to Milan
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Maria Giulia Maramotti, the Retail Director of the US for Max Mara, is the third generation of her family to be involved in the Max Mara group. Maramotti’s grandfather Achille founded the house in 1951, and legend goes that the “Mara” of Max Mara comes from the Maramotti name, while the “Max” comes from the name of a man in the town of Reggio Emilia, where the house was founded and is still based.
Maramotti is a true globetrotter, but after time in Milan and Paris she now calls New York City homebase. When we asked Maramotti about the difference between living in New York City versus Milan, Maramotti shared: “New York City is the melting pot, where everything is happening at the same time and [it is] super frenetic. Milan is frenetic too, but not in a way as big as New York. In New York, the mood is different, you have your favorite places, you hang out with your friends, and systematically leave the city for the weekend, especially in the summer. In Milan, you can easily go around by bike or scooter, and spend an entire evening having drinks and chatting in a square or open space at a bar where you know practically everyone.”
We also had to ask Maramotti’s opinion on the differences between the way New York City and Milanese women dress. “I would say that women in Milan are a little more ‘classic’ but in a good way: sober, understated and still very elegant,” she said. “You would not see so many high heels in Milan. The Milanese woman is wearing pants with flats and a blazer with a blouse: they’re obsessed with good accessories. To me the Milan woman is a little less of a fashionista than the New York woman. I love how edgy the New York woman can be, and I love that they dare with prints and colors (whereas in Milan it is not the norm)…I think I am a little bit of both women, which is great!”
As Milan fashion week is upon us, there was no better insider than Maramotti to ask to share her favorite haunts to go to in Italy’s fashion capital. From an old world restaurant that Maramotti used to dine at with her grandfather, to a seriously cool live music venue, Maramotti’s picks are not to be missed.

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