These Celebrities Have All Gotten Bizarre Tattoos Lately

These Celebrities Have All Gotten Bizarre Tattoos Lately
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Once upon a time, tattoos weren’t mainstream and celebrities were considered “edgy” if they rocked some ink—see Angelina Jolie back in the day, and all the press she got for her plentiful tats. But these days, it seems like just about everyone has a tattoo or two (at very least), and celebs are leading that pack. We’ve noticed something, though: Some celebs are embracing particularly offbeat, bizarre designs—it’s something of a new trend, if you will.

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So we’ve had a look at the best of star tattoos of late, to bring you a little peek into the world of celebrity tattoos—the good, the bad, and the weird as hell. In light of Kendall Jenner’s inner lip tattoo and Cara Delevingne’s new ink on the back of her neck, click through to discover the weirdest, wackiest, and most wonderful tats celebs have acquired recently, from celeb tattoo artists including JonBoy, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, and Doctor Woo.

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Obviously, we have to start here. Kendall Jenner got "MEOW" tattooed to her inner lip. If that's not a bit off the beaten path, we don't know what is. “There’s no real meaning behind it, I just wanted to be able to say that I have a tattoo ‘on my face!'” she wrote on her app.

Photo: instagram / @jonboytattoo

After Jenner had her lip done (no, not her lips done, that's Kylie Jenner), she posed for a pic at JonBoy's NYC studio with Jordyn Woods (far left).

Photo: instagram / @jonboytattoo

Jonathan Cheban likes to call himself the "food god." So he had "foodgod" tattooed to his arm. #Normal.

Photo: instagram / @jonboytattoo

Another look at Cheban's ink, with JonBoy (center) and pal Francesco Ragazzi (who got "Carolina" tattooed to his neck).

Photo: instagram / @jonboytattoo

Cara Delevingne has actual eyes in the back of her head. Well, her neck, but—same difference. Pretty hardcore—and so realistic. Creepy!

Photo: instagram / @bangbangnyc

Oh, just a tat of Vegemite on Miley Cyrus' bicep, NBD. The ink, done by Doctor Woo, is rumored to be in homage to on-again, off-again fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who's from Australia, where the strange yeasty spread hails from.

Photo: instagram / @_dr_woo_

Rihanna's camo shark from Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is definitely not something you see every day. But it wasn't totally random—the story behind it caused even more waves, in fact, because fans put together that this tat looks just like the stuffed animal shark that Drake reportedly gave RiRi on a date they had at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, which they posed with on Instagram. And then Drake got the same exact tat—on his bicep—which killed every fan of Drihanna ever. Sadly, Drihanna is no more—at least for now. But the tats are forever. Or, you know, until they get them professionally removed (or covered up).

Photo: instagram / @bangbangnyc

This one isn't a fun one, but we'd be remiss to skip it (though we certainly don't condone it). In the same vein as Johnny Depp's solution to his "Winona Forever" tattoo after the pair broke up back in the day—he had it altered to read "Wino Forever"—Depp changed a tat he got of Amber Heard's nickname, "SLIM," to "SCUM." Not cool. But definitely bizarre.

Photo: instagram

Kylie Jenner got this phonetically spelled tattoo from tat artist Rafael Valdez last year, but added the word "before" to it this summer. What does "before sanity" mean, exactly? Well, who can say. Certainly not your average Tweety bird or whatever.

Photo: instagram / @kyliejenner

With Steve-O, bizarre is normal, but his gigantic back tattoo of himself giving a thumbs-up is pretty crazy—even for him.

Photo: instagram / @steveo

Perhaps the most amazing offbeat tattoo we've seen from a celeb this year (or ever) is Ruby Rose's giant tat of the Pantone color chart. "Guys Home Depot is trying to save paper.. So now you can order me and I will stand facing your wall until you pick the color you like," she posted on IG. "I'll even stand facing the wall as you have breakfast and as you're watching tv at night so you can see the colors at different times. Offer limited. Conditions apply."

Photo: instagram / @rubyrose

Last but certainly not least, we had to throw in another one of Cara Delevingne's tattoos—which is just the word "BACON" inked to the bottom of her foot, by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Bizarre? Maybe not, considering how much people seem to like to get bacon-related tattoos. But definitely not an average tat.

Photo: instagram / @caradelevingne

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