Bill Cunningham’s Doc Trailer: Street Style’s Godfather

Long before The Sartorialist raised his lens for street style in 2005, Bill Cunningham practically invented the art, documenting half a century’s worth of city chic as a fashion photographer in the New York Times. Director Richard Press pays homage to the 82-year-old icon in the documentaryBill Cunningham: New York. Debuting last May in MoMA’s New Directors exhibition, Zeitgeist Films only just released the trailer for the fashion flick set to hit select theatres March 16.

The trailer alone is captivating, labeling the photographer: “Perfectionist. Loner. Maverick. Visionary.” Along with clips of Cunningham stopping the beautiful in their tracks and schooling editors on handling his pictures, Anna Wintour‘s voice enthusiastically interjects throughout, claiming “We all get dressed for Bill.” After getting excited over just this snippet, its safe to say this documentary may just join The September Issue and Valentino: The Last Emperor as the fashionista’s next movie staple make sure to mark your calendars.

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