Bicycles & Lipstick


Photo Courtesy of: Patrick McMullan

From Friday to Sunday, I slept like Jocelyn Wildenstein after another face tuck. It was one of those deep comas you only get after Fashion Week—I didn’t eat, I didn’t turn on my phone, I didn’t even watch Gossip Girl on DVR. I realized that on Monday my solitary confinement needed to come to an end before my guys at Heir Apparent broke out the emergency key to my apartment. 

By the time I caught up on a fraction of the 6227 messages crowding my inbox, I realized it was 6pm and I promised to go to the Villency Pure Design and Bicycle for a Day cocktail up at the gorgeous Maurice Villency store. The point, as I vaguely understand it, is to promote alternative energy by, umm, biking, or using a segway (both devices were up at the silent auction) to loosen our dependence on pollutants. You can learn more at

The event was hosted by the charman Eric Villency, who we boys all wish was maybe a little gay—as well as the actor Matthew Modine, who’s hair color changes every time I see him. Also on attendance was Eric’s wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle—who looks even better in person than on TV, and my fave model and most reliable ami, Maggie Rizer. The suprising duo of the night came none other than in the form of Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, the “stars” of the Real (desperate) Housewives of New York City. They are quite lovely, in the creepiest possible way ever—they seem to insert themselves in every conversation, appear at every bar, at every hor doevres tray, and even in the bathrooms. To all the guests surprise, he actually paid for and won the 5,000 guitar autographed by Sting! Maybe they should spend some of that cash-money fixing up their Brooklyn townhouse??

I took a taxi (alas there were no bikes, rickshaws, pedicabs et al on hand), down to Studio 540 with editrix Devorah Rose for the Season Two Premiere of Lipstick Jungle. Needless to say, when you are given a good theme for a fete, you run with it—in this case lipstick, lipstick everywhere! Maybelline sponsored the party, and lipstick was scattered around as casually as cocaine at a John Galliano party—we even signed our names on a giant mirror before PR pushed us aside to make room for Natasha Bedingfield.

We quickly learned that the roof was the place to be—I saw Robert Buckley (who doesn’t seem to return my emails…hmmm), chatted with Gossip Girl’s Connor Paolo, and Andrea Bowen, as well as my fave social power couple Euan Rellie and Lucy Sykes Rellie. After one too many shots of Don Julio tequila—I shared an elevator down with Mary Tyler Moore, whispering a little too loudly to my companion, “I thought she died two years ago?” Well, there’s nothing like a dead actress to give a show a ratings boost!

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