Obama Might Have Just Revealed the Sex of Beyonce’s Twins

Obama Might Have Just Revealed the Sex of Beyonce’s Twins
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Six months after leaving the Oval Office and Barack Obama continues to keep us shook. So what is it this time? Russia? Healthcare? The impending demise of our country? Nope. It’s actually Beyonce. (Understandable.)

The former President of the United States might have just revealed the sex of Beyonce’s twins, and we’re still in recovery mode. Here’s what happened. The ex-POTUS was introducing the 35-year-old singer’s husband, Jay Z, into the Songwriters Hall of Fame when fans noticed that he might’ve slipped the sex of Beyonce’s babies. (You’d think the former leader of the free world would be able to keep a secret. Sheesh.)

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In a video introducing Jay Z, Obama complimented the rapper on his character. The moving speech eventually led to Obama comparing his fathering skills to Jay Z, and how both men are “fools” for their daughters. This is when the former president seemingly dropped the bombshell that Jay Z will outdo him as a dad to girls “once those twins show up.”

“Jay and I are also fools for our daughters,” Obama said. “Although he’s going to have me beat once those twins show up.”

Though Obama could just be meaning that Jay Z will have him beat once he becomes a dad to three kids (Obama only has two), we’re *basically* taking this as confirmation that Beyonce is having twin girls. (Cue the freak out.)

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We’re not the only ones, either. After Obama seemingly spilled the tea, the BeyHive went wild for Beyonce’s expected twin girls.

However, the real question is: Is Beyonce going to name her twin girls “Kelly” and “Michelle”???

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