How to Prepare for a Surprise Beyoncé Album Drop

Cady Lang

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If there’s one thing that we know about Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, it’s that she tends to give very little warning when she’s about to do something that could very well change the course of all our lives; case in point: the Mrs. Carter tour, the Beyoncé album, the “Formation” video, the Formation tour, her new athleisure line, any time she has a major fashion editorial or cover.

Some have chalked this up to a power move, while others deem that Queen Bey simply has no time to think about it. I’m personally of the mind that Beyoncé is testing the emotional hardiness and stamina of the Beyhive (which, by the way, has risen to the occasion very admirably each time). That being said, there’s been tons of well-educated speculation that Bey is dropping a new album before her new concert tour kicks off at the end of April. We’ve compiled a handy four-part guide that will prepare you for any surprises, should Beyoncé decide to bless us in the near future. Stay woke.

Get your finances in order: Beyoncé has said herself: “The best revenge is your paper.” And considering how much money we’re all willing to drop for her concert tickets, clothing lines, music, she’s definitely getting it. In addition to your living expenses, savings, and paying off your student loans, consider budgeting for Beyoncé. You don’t want to be the only person who can’t listen to her new album because your bank account is at zero and you don’t get paid until next week. For all you know, Beyoncé could follow Kanye’s example and release her new music only on Tidal, and then you’ll be forced to subscribe for a hot $12.99 per month. Make sure that you financially plan for the effect that this album could have on your life.

Keep your eye on Bey: Historically, Beyoncé has posted the links/clues to her new music and projects on her social-media accounts, quietly and without warning. Follow all her accounts, her mostly mute Twitter, and her Instagram full of blurry selfies and pictures of Blue Ivy being the coolest baby in the world. Do not be fooled by this seemingly complacent façade—Beyoncé will strike when you least expect it and you must always be alert.

Prepare for whatever the day (or night) may bring: When Beyoncé dropped Formation, she casually dropped it on a Saturday afternoon because she knew that despite the fact that we all might have had plans for the weekend, we would absolutely drop everything to watch/listen/obsess. Keep your schedule fairly clear. Do not commit to going anywhere without cell service or Wi-Fi. Keep your phone fully charged. It’s also wise to have your Freakum dress ready in case Bey drops the album before the weekend or night hits (because no doubt, she will).

Set your Beyoncé alerts: Whether you set your Google alerts for “Beyoncé new music,” follow “Beyonce Daily” updates on Twitter, or have your own network of Beyoncé fans who will immediately alert you to the release of new Beyoncé music no matter what the hour (this is honestly probably the most foolproof method, at least in my experience), it’s important to stay informed.



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