15 Photos That Prove Beyoncé is Officially a Full-Fledged Hipster

15 Photos That Prove Beyoncé is Officially a Full-Fledged Hipster
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During her Destiny’s Child days and throughout much of her solo career, Beyoncé seemed to dress exclusively in sparkly red carpet-friendly outfits designed by her mother, Tina Knowles. And while there was nothing wrong with that—we loved the band members’ matching looks as much as the next girl—over the past year or so, Queen Bey has made a major jump in terms of her style. Suddenly, she’s wearing serious fashion brands like Tibi, Phillip Lim, and Rachel Pally with abandon, and posting hipster outfits daily to her Tumblr and her Instagram (often times hanging around the in hipster capital of the world, aka Brooklyn.)

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When we spotted her stylist, Ty Hunter, in the front row at The Blonds’ runway show at Milk Studios, we had to ask him about her recent fashion evolution, and whether it’s mostly guided by him or by pop star herself.

“She does a lot of shopping herself, and we also go together and shop as we travel,” he told StyleCaster. “We pack for her when she goes on vacation and stuff, but we kind of [work together] to put outfits together.”

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Hunter has worked with Beyoncé for many years, and the two are often seen partying and hanging out together socially, so it’s no surprise that their partnership is totally one of equals (Hunter is pretty hip himself!)

Click through the gallery above to see 15 photos that prove Beyoncé is now a full-fledged hipster.

All Photos: Beyonce.tumblr.com and Instagram.com/beyonce

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