Completely Unfounded Rumor of the Day: Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Splitting Up

Meghan Blalock

In the non-legitimate news that elicited the loudest gasps ever emitted from the StyleCaster editorial team, Star magazine is reporting that the ultimate celebrity couple, Beyoncé and Jay Zare splitting up after encountering some marriage troubles. We spotted the story on Marie Claire UK, who got the scoop from the celebrity gossip blog HollywoodLife.

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It’s important to keep in mind here that Star magazine isn’t exactly a reputable source for celebrity news. The mag’s storied history with celebrities includes lawsuit on top of lawsuit, including one brought on by Katie Holmes in 2011 after the magazine published a totally falsified story about her alleged drug use. Tori Spelling also sued the gossip rag for publishing a totally untrue cover story about her “$300 million divorce” from hubby Dean McDermott.

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That being said, it seems highly unusual that the tabloid —whose seemingly fantastical story on the Bey-Jay breakup is alleged to come out in the November 25 issue—would take on one of Hollywood’s foremost (if not the foremost) power couples. While Tori Spelling seems totally within their normal wheelhouse, Bey and Jay are superstars—and officially the world’s wealthiest couple, to boot. A (tiny) part of us fears that the editors at Star would only move forward with this story if they knew it was 150% true.

That said, Marie Claire is reporting that while Star initially posted a blurb teasing the story on their website earlier today, they subsequently and swiftly took it down. Why the change of heart? Only time will tell. It’s also worth noting that the alleged reason for their marital strife is scheduling, as opposed to anything super-torrid, so it could be an example of a tabloid turning a molehill into a circulation-boosting mountain

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And let it be known: if Jay Z and Beyoncé split up, there will be literally no hope left for famous couples once madly in love. Or even real-life couples madly in love. If Bey and Jay can’t make it—no one can.

crying Completely Unfounded Rumor of the Day: Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Splitting Up

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