Beyoncé Rocks Prints, Cut-Outs in New House of Deréon Campaign

Spencer Cain

 Beyoncé Rocks Prints, Cut Outs in New House of Deréon Campaign

Even though she had a baby a mere seven months ago, Beyoncé‘s outrageously perfect body seems to be back in full force.  In the latest ad campaign for House of Deréon, the line helmed by Bey and mom Tina Knowles, Beyoncé makes us all feel really bad about not dragging ourselves out of bed to spend an extra twelve hours at the gym.

This year marks the big relaunch of House of Deréon. While the design team is still fronted by Tina (she’s not giving up control that quickly!), they have expanded their team immensely. The result? Some pretty cute clothes! The advertisement above showcases Beyoncé working it in a range of animal print items. We’ve been a little skeptical about Deréon in the past, but it seems they have upped their game — most importantly, their team of stylists.

The real question we put to you, dear reader, is: Does Deréon have a shot at major mainstream success, or will its biggest draw always be its association wtih Beyoncé?

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