Beyoncé and Jay Z Aren’t Going to KimYe’s Wedding: Report

Perrie Samotin

Beyoncé and Jay Z might not going to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding next month, a new report says—but promises to make it up to them with a pretty lavish gift.

According to The Sun, Bey and Jay are skipping the nups because the whole ordeal is way too high-profile, but plan on treating KimYe to a $200,000 yacht honeymoon.

According to the British paper, Jay Z  “would be there if it wasn’t going to be such a public event.” It’s been rumored that the wedding will be held in Paris and will be filmed for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and apparently the rapper—who has been best friends with Kanye for years—wants no part of it.

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However, if reports are to be believed, there’s no bad blood, as Jay plan on throwing Kanye a bachelor party at his New York club 40/40.

What do you think: Is this just a rumor and Bey and Jay will be at the wedding? Or do you think they’re going to avoid the circus at all cost? Weigh in!

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