The Best and Worst Dressed of the MTV VMAs

I’m pretty sure no one knows what to wear to the MTV Video Music Awards. It is a public awards ceremony worthy of stepping up the dress factor. Then again, how legitimate is this awards ceremony? I mean… Twitter is considered a credible source here. Regardless of the level of formality, attendees should look good. Here’s a run down of the best and worst from the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Best:


I’d like to thank double-sided tape, which made this look for Beyonce possible.


Generally I don’t care for Amanda Bynes, but I think that’s because I generally confuse her with Miley Cyrus. Regardless, Amanda Bynes looked cute at the VMAs.


Nelly Furtado remains moderately relevant.


Out of principle, I want to bash what Kristin Cavallari wore but I actually really like this dress– a perfect balance of glitter and fit.


Alexa Chung‘s a model; it’s literally her job to look good.


Amerie is stunning in this dress from the Davidelfin collection.


I like Russell Brand‘s outfit because he has a tophat. Nothing makes you look more British and more together than a tophat.


For once Megan Fox doesn’t look trashy; her one shouldered onezie is kind of amazing.


I love Kristin Stewart‘s hair cut.


Nothing is more awkward or a bigger PR faux-pas than showing up in the same outfit as someone else. However, Pink and Shakira seem to find the coincidence hilarious and nothing is more attractive than the ability to laugh at yourself.

The Worst:


Jennifer Lopez‘s make up was flawless, but her dress was bizarre.


Jade Cole. Do not want.


Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls is being strangled by her dress.


Whitney Port was really close to looking fashion forward in this dress. Whitney Port was also really close to exposing herself to everyone on the red carpet.


Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech; nothing is more unflattering than a sore loser. Well, maybe this python unitard.


Lady Gaga can not be classified in to either category. (That was NOT a jab at the rumors of her possibly being a boy.) I just mean Lady Gaga has gone so far into the realm of Worst Dressed that she has somehow looped back around to Best Dressed but is still an awful dresser; she’s like the Christopher Columbus of getting dressed in the morning.


Lady Gaga (I think) in a red lace number.


Lady Gaga wearing a bird’s nest.

  • angel

    the outfits lady gaga had on where mest up ppl come on she as to have beter close than that

  • Nici_22

    funny! i bet when beyonce saw lady gaga couldnt help but laugh cause she just looks hillarious!

  • Natalie

    Lady Gaga is something else, but didn’t like kayne’s commit about taylor

  • natalie

    i absolutely believe

  • yadayada

    I see Kanye has an accessory to go with his look…alcohol. Could be why his behavior was so bizarre? Certainly does not excuse the way he treated Taylor, just that it might explain it.

  • connie

    of course Beyonce is great, and was nice to Taylor, yada yada, but why is no one mentioning that sleezy leotard she wore during “Single Ladies?” I absolutely cringed everytime she squatted down and spread her legs…….PLEASE Beyonce……

  • cc

    I found it strange that he was allowed to swagger about on the red carpet with an open bottle of Henessey(sp). Are there no rules to encourage decent behavior at this award show?

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